Where can I buy an infrared sauna?

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Please feel free to use the search box above. This is a targeted search of all of the infrared sauna manufacturers listed below. If you're looking for a particular sauna unit, odds are they have it.

Below is an ever-growing list of infrared sauna retailers, distributors and IR sauna manufacturers for you to discover more about, or purchase your new Infrared Sauna. 

These sites feature numerous types of Infrared saunas and devices, including but not limited to the traditional fir, cedar and redwood saunas commonly seen today.

If you feel you belong on this list, please send us your website information and we'll add your URL to the list.

Infrared Sauna Manufacturers / Retailers  

Company Name:

Company URL:

123 Saunas www.123saunas.com
Action Saunas www.actionsaunas.com
Almost Heaven Saunas www.almost
Apex Sauna www.apexsaunasteam.com
BamX www.bamxsaunas.com
Brilliant Showers www.brilliantshowers.com
Cedarbrook Saunas www.saunasauna.com
Cedrus Saunas www.cedrussauna.com
Coastal Saunas www.coastalsaunas.com
Detox Home www.detoxhome.com
Evolution Health www.evolutionhealth.com
EZE Sauna www.ezesauna.com
Finnleo www.finnleo.com
Gaia Luxury Saunas www.gaiasaunas.com
Great Saunas www.greatsaunas.com
Healthmate Sauna www.healthmatesauna.com
Lux Sauna www.luxsauna.com
MagMed www.magmed.com
MySaunaStore www.mysaunastore.com
National Pool Wholesalers www.national
Promolife www.promolife.com
Purus www.far-infraredsauna.com
Radiant Health www.radiant-health.ca
SaunaDream www.saunadream.com
Saunas.com www.saunas.com
Sauna King Products www.saunakingproducts.com
Sauna Pros www.saunaprousa.com
Sauna Steam www.saunasteam.com
Saunex www.saunex.com
Sun Life Saunas www.sunlifesaunas.com
Sunlight Saunas www.sunlightsaunas.com
Sweet Heat Saunas www.sweetheatsaunas.com
The Sauna Dealer www.thesaunadealer.com
TheraSauna www.therasauna.com
Vital Saunas www.vitalsaunas.com
Waterstar Saunas www.waterstarsauna.com
West Coast Comfort www.wccomfort.com
Wholesale Sauna www.directsauna.com
Other Sources:
Amazon.com www.amazon.com
Costco www.costco.com
Craigslist www.craigslist.org
eBay www.ebay.com
Walmart www.walmart.com