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2008 2 Person OUTDOOR Ceramic Heater Far Infrared Sauna

Model Number:

Purchased From:
National Pool Wholesalers

Price Paid:
$1495 + free shipping

About two months ago I began searching for the right sauna for our home. I did quite a bit of research on different models on many different websites (doing my due diligence) and narrowed down my choices to a couple of models that were similarly priced with only a few minor differences.

I had a few things in mind when looking: it had to be an OUTDOOR unit (no proper place in the house to put it), it had to operate on a 15 amp circuit, which is what the plugs nearby offered as a source of electricity, it had to feature all of the nice extras you see on the higher-end saunas available at the various sauna websites (stereo, ionizer, towel rack, nice wood, attractive appearance, etc.).

I ended up going with the 2-person from National Pool Wholesalers simply because they were prepared to answer all of my questions regarding the sauna and did it in a friendly way.

My wife and I have been using the sauna for about two months now, and the unit sits on our patio outside our bedroom door, under an overhang we covered to prevent direct rain from hitting the unit (I recommend the corrugated roofing from Home Depot incidentally). The sauna looks great in this location - the hemlock fir has a nice color tone (and smell) to it. Overall it's a fantastic unit, and we certainly have loved using it over the period of time we've owned it -- and we feel great after our 30-45 minute sessions.

The unit arrived in a very large diesel truck, and was wrapped carefully in heavy wood to prevent damage. Assembly took about two hours total, only because we had to unpack everything and carry the pieces to the destination spot. The instruction manual was JUST OK, but covered the rudimentary steps thoroughly (I believe the manual was for multiple units and tried to cover each one). Once assembled, we discovered that the towel rack was missing, but received a replacement promptly after sending a quick e-mail to the company.

The unit runs on a 15 amp circuit, so no special electrical wiring was involved -- just plug it in. The temperature control is straight forward, as is the CD player and stereo. It came with an ionizer, which also includes a small, nice-smelling air freshener that goes inside the ionizer itself.

This thing is THE best de-stressing tool known to mankind - bar none. All of your daily toils melt away as you listen to your favorite music and heat through the deep penetrating FAR infrared waves. If you are in the market for an outdoor sauna (and many companies do NOT carry outdoor saunas) I would highly recommend this unit.

-P Farrens

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