Indoor vs. Outdoor

Benefits of Installing An Outdoor Sauna
By Amy Nutt

There are many benefits to installing a sauna. Whether you decide to install one for health reasons, or just for the pure enjoyment and relaxation, justifying such a purchase should not be difficult.

There are also several types from which to choose. Where you install your sauna will most likely depend on the amount of space you have, and how much of it you can devote. You have two basic options when doing so, an indoor sauna, or an outdoor sauna. There are advantages to both, but installing an outdoor sauna may present you with more options.

There is currently a wide variety of pre-fabricated sauna kits available today, and many options where type and size are concerned. Since many outdoor saunas are also designed to be a pool house, you can own both in one unit. This can help take care of your pool needs in the summer, while providing you with the use of a sauna year-round.

Here, you will have a changing room that is separate from the rooms in your house, which will offer guests privacy at the pool area. This can also help to extend your pool season by allowing you to enjoy the heat of a sauna, and then cool down in the pool.

Most of the pre-fabricated kits are designed for easy assembly, and include all the parts you will need to build your outdoor sauna. The kits also come with detailed instructions that will help you along the way. It's quick and easy.

Another benefit of having an outdoor sauna verses an indoor one is the money you can save. If you wish to add a sauna to your home, the cost will dramatically increase, and you will probably have to hire a contractor to do the job unless you are able to do it yourself. By purchasing a pre-fabricated sauna kit, you will be able to build it yourself. Even if you decide not to purchase the kit and just build one from scratch, it can still save you money in the long run.

Another benefit of owning an outdoor sauna is the privacy it will give you. If your sauna is connected to your house, you do not have to leave the building to enter it. You will still be subjected to the noisy activity taking place in your house, and probably won't get the peace and quiet you need to relax. By installing an outdoor sauna, you will be able to enjoy the time you will have to yourself in a quiet, peaceful environment.

Saunafin, Whether you are building your own home saunas or steambath

Indoor Saunas and Why this is a Good Location for a Sauna

By Thomas Oak

If you are specifically looking to install a sauna inside your home, there are a few considerations that you have to take into account. These considerations include your location in terms of the weather, water and space as well as others. These factors can help you to choose whether having your sauna indoors or outdoors is the wisest choice of location.

An indoors sauna is a good decision if you have no access to water supply outdoors. Placing the sauna indoors, where there it is already a water supply is generally easier. The sauna would be situated close to an already existing bathroom with a shower. Because of the sweating that a sauna causes, many people enjoy showering directly after a sauna. This is one reason why you would not place a sauna too far from the nearest shower, unless of course you really want it and there is no other place for it.

Another consideration is the existing plumbing; you should have plumbing in place close to the sauna that will allow for the drain, indoor saunas require a drain. It is not necessary to break up your basement floor to create drainage for your sauna, and it is not entirely impossible to have a sauna without a drain, but this should be given careful thought.

Another consideration is whether you have enough space in your home for an indoor sauna. One of the primary reasons that people opt for an outdoor sauna is the lack of space inside their homes. A sauna may be built attached to the home or in a room that may be converted to accommodate it. The most important consideration is to have the appropriate amount of space.

The option of choosing an indoor sauna is generally taken because of inclement weather conditions out of doors. Outdoor saunas are difficult to use during stormy conditions and during a storm with lightening, you may not want to use your sauna at all. Indoor saunas may be used at all times and this makes them more convenient. If you are installing a sauna because you wish to make use of it on a daily basis, an indoor sauna is definitely the option. You don't want the weather to make an impact on your use of the sauna.

One ideal space for a sauna is in an unfinished basement, not only is this easily and conveniently achieve, it is also a great way to increase the value of your home.

All of the matters that we have discussed here impact on you decision to purchase either an indoor or outdoor sauna. Just to reiterate, do you have enough space? Can you place the indoor sauna near to a bathroom to avail yourself of the shower? Do you have extra space in you home that may be used to house the sauna? Do you live in an area where bad weather conditions might stop you from making use of the sauna? Taking all these matters into account will assist you to make the correct decision.

There are many things you should think about if you are having difficulty deciding between indoor saunas and outdoor saunas. You should be sure you have the space in your home for the sauna. It is best to place a sauna nearest to a bathroom or a shower if you can. You should also consider including a drain in the sauna. You don't have to have a drain but it is best if you include one. You should also consider the weather impacting your decision to use your sauna. These might be helpful considerations to assist with making your decision.

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Infrared Sauna Design (Accessories, Materials, Outlets):

Basic Facts about Far Infrared Sauna Design
By Paul Mernon  

The most common type of far infrared sauna is a cabin which resembles a traditional steam sauna. It is made of wood and you can use it as an additional piece of furniture in your house. The interior usually consists of a full-width wooden bench to sit at.

Infrared heaters are built in the walls in front, behind and under the bench, sometimes on the side walls or floor, so that infrared radiation will reach every part of the person’s body sitting in the sauna. One can enter sauna by the front door. There are usually one or two glass windows and the door can be full-glass too. An infrared sauna typically ships in a self-assembly kit with heaters already built in the panels. It is relatively easy to assemble.

The majority of far infrared sauna cabins have both internal/external control panel. Some models can have a radio/mp3/cd player or even a DVD player optionally installed.

An important thing to consider when choosing an infrared sauna model is the type of plug it runs on. Some saunas require you to use a 20 Amp power outlet, so you may have some troubles installing it if you have only standard 15 Amp outlets in your house. Another surprise is that some saunas use two 15 Amp outlets instead of one (and they should be independent electrical outlets, for safety reasons) so you might need to use an extension cord attached to another outlet somewhere in your house.

However, there are some sauna models which run on a single 15 Amp outlet. General rule is that the larger the sauna, the higher the chance that 20 Amp outlet will be necessary. It is always recommended to ask your electrician to install a dedicated outlet for your far infrared sauna for the safety reasons.

Dimensions of a sauna is another thing you need to put your attention on, since some infrared saunas may have too small dimensions that makes taking a sauna in them not so pleasant activity. Make sure that bench has comfortable depth and there is enough room left for legs. Some saunas may not be high enough for you and you will not be able to stand inside them. Most common modifications of infrared saunas are for two, three, or four persons. Dimensions of a two person sauna vary around 49?w x 45?d x 74?h. On the other side, if you have not much room for the sauna, you may prefer small 1-person models.

When searching for an infrared sauna, look for comfort in the first place. There is no reason to buy a room to sit in if you don’t enjoy sitting in it, regardless of any health benefits in could provide. After that think about how it will fit your house interior, and don’t forget to determine what electrical outlets you will use to power your sauna. Don't take the risk by ordering a sauna without trying it first in a store of some sort of showroom – it can result in money lost and dissatisfaction. Only when you experienced a session in a particular sauna model you can be sure that in meet you expectations.

You can find a lot of free information on a far infrared sauna website , owned and maintained by Paul Mernon. Among other resources there are detailed infrared sauna bying guide and infrared heater vs stove comparison .

Heater Types:

The Types Of Infrared Sauna Heater
By Paul Abbey 

Since infrared sauna heaters were introduced many people have become curious about their design and how they actually work. If the truth be told the design of these particular types of saunas is very basic and simple indeed. Today you will be able to find these particular types of heaters in many bathrooms today either located above the bath tub or just as you come out of the shower.

Where as other types of heaters used in bathrooms either emit heat from elements or from a heater which has a fan these types of heaters emit infrared light waves. This are especially ideal pieces of heating equipment for the bathroom as the heat that they emit is completely safe. The light waves that they emit in order to produce the heat are very similar to those that the sun produces however these ones are not actually likely to cause you to possibly being diagnosed with cancer as you would if you spend too many hours out in the sun.

But as well as being much safer to use in the bathroom and for our bodies there are other benefits to be had from fitting such a heater in your bathroom.

1. These heaters actually use far less energy than other types of heaters that would be located in a bathroom so they will help you to save money on your energy bills through out the winter months.

2. Even when operating a much lower temperature than other types of heaters the infrared ones are still extremely effective. This a lot of people find to be extremely beneficial.

3. The rays that are emitted from these particular heaters are able to penetrate deeper beneath a person's skin and will help to increase their cardio vascular output. So they are essentially able to create a "workout" for the body without the person actually having to do any kind of exercise.

4. The heaters are much cheaper to build by the manufacturers which will result in them costing less to purchase and also they are much cheaper to maintain than many other kinds of heaters that would traditionally be used in a bathroom.

5. Because these require much less power to provide the energy they require to heat the room a person will be able to keep the heater on for much longer thus providing them with a much more relaxing and enjoyable experience whenever they bathe or shower.

6. Because of their simplicity with regard to their design you don't need to have just one for the bathroom at home today you are able to purchase portable versions as well. So you can still enjoy the benefits of an infrared sauna heater whilst away from home either on business or on vacation.

So as you can see from above there are a large number of benefits to be gained from having an infrared sauna heater installed in your bathroom. This in the future will make the pleasure of taking a bath or a shower that more enjoyable.

Sauna Kits?

Is a Home Sauna Kit in your future?

by Thomas Oak

Almost every product in the market today is tailored to meet the demands of the consumers. Manufacturers are making everything easy for their target market. Thankfully, there were now kits, such as sauna kits, that can be availed so that you can easily build your own luxurious spot at your home.

These kits are your way to a one-of-a-kind luxury without spending much. You can now have that relaxation right at your domicile that you once thought you can only have in health clubs, resorts, and spas. However, before purchasing a kit of your own, there are some things that you must consider so that you can fully enjoy all the benefits that a sauna can give.

First of all, think which of the sauna kits you want to have in your home or anywhere you want to place your own sauna. You may choose from pre-cut or pre-built, also known as modular, kit. Modular or pre-built saunas are more expensive than the pre-cut. However, price is not the only difference between the two kits. For modular or pre-built saunas, most of the parts are already assembled together. Therefore, all you have to do is to attach the right panels together and then you can immediately use your sauna room. On the other hand, it would take long if you opt for pre-cut saunas, especially if you do not have great skills in carpentry. You can hire someone who can do the job for you such as your husband, your neighbor, or a professional who knows a lot of nails and hammers. They need not to use any measuring tape for pre-cut saunas since all of the materials included in the kit are already cut precisely.

Sauna kits vary depending on the consumer's needs and demands. So the next step is to choose whether you will go for a traditional sauna experience or you want to be more modern and buy an infrared sauna instead. A traditional sauna involves the use of steam to make a warm sauna room. On the other hand, infrared sauna does not require the use of water to make steam. That is why it is also known as the dry sauna because it only uses infrared lights in giving the benefits that sauna can give.

The materials used for sauna kits also differ. That is why it is essential for you to determine where you want your sauna to be placed. Outdoor saunas are more durable since it must be made from materials that can endure different kinds of weather. Nevertheless, indoor saunas are also durable. However, the materials used are not as weather resistant compared to the outdoor saunas.

Of course, considering the space where you want your sauna to be placed is one of the most vital factors that you must consider in purchasing sauna kits. The size of the sauna that you will need will greatly depend on three major things. First is the available space. Second is the number of people who will be using the sauna. And last, is your budget.

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