Are FAR Infrared Saunas safe?


Paul Elms

There has been a growing trend to have health products at home. Once you had to go out to a health club to get the benefits of a gym and sauna. Now you can have these at home and enjoy the benefits everyday. The most popular type of sauna for home utilizes far infrared radiation. Many people ask the question whether this is safe to use on a continuous basis. Here we have a closer look at this product.

Far infrared (FIR) saunas have become very popular for use at home because they are easy to set up, run and maintain. They can be operated at a lower temperature than a traditional steam sauna and this means that the running costs are also significantly lower.

Far infra red light is part of the spectrum of natural sunlight. When you go out in the sun you can feel the warm heat on you. This is due to the effect of far infrared. The harmful rays from the sun are at the opposite end of the spectrum, ultraviolet light (UV light). That's why it is recommended to apply some form of sunblock when you are sunbathing.

Unlike UV light, far infrared is completely safe to use. You could be exposed to it for hours and your skin would never burn. The only effects you would notice are the gentle heating of the body as the rays penetrate the tissues.

Infrared is used in the healthcare system due to it being safe and effective. Premature babies in hospital are kept warm by exposure to infrared lamps. Some physiotherapists also use infrared machines to help tissue healing and recovery from injury.

If you are considering joining the thousands of happy owners of a FIR home sauna, you can buy with the confidence that they are safe to use.

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